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I have finally created an INTERACTIVE 3D DESIGN!!

It ended up becoming a small game inspired by Fruit Ninja, but here you have to pop some cones. The game is more like a demo, but it was a great fun to realise. You Can play in the small embed window or in a bigger window following the link above. It works very well on an iPad, so please give it a go there if you can!! Unfortunately it does not run on iPhone (Shame!!) but the optimisation will need some Xcode, which is not worth at this stage… but it is a beta feature in spline, so… who knows?

This project was born from the desire to play around with some of those interactive design apps that are around. I have finally took some time and decided to explore SPLINE 3D.  As you might have noticed, the whole page is a celebration of, what I think, is an amazing tool. First experiment was a scrolling background, which I have managed to integrate in WordPress, using Elementor: it takes some custom css (very little!!), but the result is quite interesting. I cannot wait to try the full integration with Webflow and create something cool. The app has some limitations, but the potential and the new features are extremely promising.


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Spline 3D + Elementor (for web integration)




The aim of this project was purely experimental. Starting from a simple cube I have applied a cloner and randomness to allow a looping movement between states. Playing with materials and multiplying the cloner, the idea was to create a toonish core in metal envelope. The style study was based on old anime such City Hunter for a downtown washed look. Th embed viewer limitation in Elementor forced me to adapt the style for scroll effect in this page.

Further try led me outside of my comfort zone, opting for a more classic slick 3D look. Here is the study made for the cube morph that was used as intro, using camera moves and prospective view.

A limitation of Spline is the lack of vide rendering. The only export option is through a provided screen recording, which for some reason increases the overall speed at rocket levels. Nevertheless, with tweaking and sounds in Premiere the result is quite impressive overall. Here is the promo!!

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