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Personal | Character Animation

A project that developed from the desire to try new techniques. It was lingering in the back of my mind since I first come across a stock photo online, that somehow I knew I was going to turn into a character, but I was not clear how. It is an example of how the creative is made of linked blocks that can be arranged in a different way to offer a final result. It is an analysis of ourselves as human being: our head, like a TV, project movies made of thoughts; but not alway the content of the screen reflects our like, and that’s when WE BREAK THAT DAMN SCREEN!!


tools | Software | Plugins

Photoshop + After Effects + Rubberhose3 + Premiere Pro


The Fire-starter

Decided to deep my toes into CC Particle World in After Effects. While tinkering around the properties I pondered about the possibility of creating shapes with it. It was then , that I decided to recreate some sort of atomic particle, which led to the final tech look. 



Once the style of the first frame was born, I knew what to do with my character idea: it was going to have full on breakdown. I then sketched some simple ideas to set the style frames, which were only for guidance purpose. This time I wanted the style and the action to come naturally following the flow. One main goal was in my mind though: it had to look like a manga!


That allowed me to explore in After Effects to achieve that peculiar dynamic look that was stuck in the back of my brain.

The Character

Audio Design