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Personal | Hand Rig

Willing to explore more the character animation I have decided to challenge myself by animating a hand. After some thinking and study seemed clear that, to show hand dexterity, nothing was better than a magician pulling off a card trick.

tools | Software | Plugins

Procreate + Illustrator + After Effects + Premiere Pro


From Sketch To Design

The Rig

The fingers were recreated in Rubberhose3 and the controllers were setup in order to contain all the properties needed. Doing this makes it easier to then iterate the rig as nested comp in a new composition. This process was necessary to apply the effects for the final look.

A quirkiness of nested comps is that they do not fully match the content. Something to bear in mind in the planning phase.

Compositing Touches

The 2D effects were drawn in Procreate Dreams once the entire animation was established.